The Snake Run

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After searching on Google Earth for a mystery place seen in a photo, Keena located a long grey snake-like shape wrapping through the woods. He did some research, found where it was and we headed off with a few skateboarders to see what we could do.

As a working title, we have called this project “The Feared & The Forgotten” because these are the places we gravitate towards. The concept is simple - find an interesting, forgotten, sketchy, or beautiful spot, respect it, and skate it. We are skaters and BMXers at heart, but we are truly explorers. We seek out the unknown and the potentially dangerous. We smile when we get there and are able to step back and see how we have left our mark on a place most people didn’t know existed.

directed by:
stebs schinnerer & justin keena

shooting & editing:
stebs schinnerer

justin keena

derek hanlon
luke olson olson

james blake - "limit to your love"


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