THE STOLEN,HIDDEN,UNEXPLAINED EARTH! the truth movement has ruined triangles for me!!

It seems like the people in the truth movement has a phobia of triangles LOL it's getting kind of funny... And right now I am on a journey to a strange intense but very colorful world I'll be back in about 15 hours LOL.... PS I meant to say basalt..not cobalt for those that are scrutinizing my every move in finding all sorts of hidden meaning behind nothing LOL LOL seriously dude take all that energy focus it on somebody who is lying to you ...all I'm doing is asking questions..not pushing "information" the only info that I will stand directly beside is that NASA lies our Earth is not the globe that they say it is we've never went to the Moon ... And they have also staged and fabricated many tragedies and have displayed vulgar inhumanity towards mankind ... Those are the facts that I will stand beside why don't you do some research and figure out what a shill actually does