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Documentary about the paranormal at the Collingwood Arts Center In Toledo, Ohio.

My main reason why I chose this place is because I have a major fascination with paranormal and haunted locations. I have traveled all over the East coast of the the United States going to haunted reformatories, prisons, mansions, cabins, etc, in search of answers and excitement. My family and I crave the thrill of coming face to face with the supernatural. Through my past experiences with these places, I only find myself looking for more when it comes to ghosts and finding out why they are here. Not only is it frightening to even imagine a spirit coming in contact with you, but actually doing it in person will change someone forever.
For project three I will attempt to make a documentary about both the historic and paranormal side of the Collingwood Arts Center. My main purpose will be to film the Collingwood Arts Center as a museum for what it is, then switch over to a metaphysical side, interviewing the employees that work there to see if they have any knowledge pertaining the ghost stories that are told. Not only will it be educational, but it will get the audience thinking about how the Collingwood Arts Center having a deeper history secluded within these walls than what the museum wants you to know. To present documentaries like this, one needs to understand the underlying memoirs they are about to dive into. It may not seem hard to capture the supernatural on tape or audio, but it takes a great amount of courage and mental focus to not be led astray of flee from fear.
I have always wanted to make a documentary like the show Ghost Adventures or Paranormal State. I actually enjoy getting the crap scared out of me and I'm sure there is a selected audience out there that enjoys this same odd curiosity. I will attempt to get some footage of paranormal activity or some audio recordings to show some sort of evidence on film. Although I have witnessed these activities in person before, to get it on tape and show proof of it is even better.
This film will fall under both observational and expository mode by the time this is finished. I want to use the raw footage being taped to represent a new perspective or argument as to ghosts still walking the grounds of the Collingwood Arts Center. The spoken word will be given by the employees that will explain the history as well as the spirits that they have encountered or heard of. I want this documentary to represent a logical context of historic information transposing into a relative importance of life after death. If I could just change the vista of one skeptic into a believer, then my job here is done.

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