Top 10 Most Disturbing Unexplained Mysteries in the World

Top 10 Most Disturbing Unexplained Mysteries in the World

here are some mysteries that have persisted throughout the years, tales that gain momentum each time they are told until they pass into the realm of legend. These legends are passed down and retold without our ever having any real chance of learning the actual facts; others, more recent mysteries, even today, are actively mined for the truth with hopes of being solved once and for all.

Many old mysteries are still the focus for amateur investigators and cold case detectives, hoping they will be the ones to find that one piece of elusive evidence. Some are just oddities that make us ponder just what really happened or is happening in this great big world around us.

Do we have the answers to everything? A truthful scientist might say no, not by a long shot. Are the answers to many of the world’s greatest unexplained mysteries even something we can understand? Would the real answers disturb us even more so than the mystery itself? It is possible, because to be truthful, some mysteries are just down right creepy, bordering on the uncanny.

What follows are some of the most persistent mysteries from around the globe that, despite many investigations past and present, defy solving. In fact, in spite of tireless efforts, these mysteries may never be definitively solved. They are ranked in terms of age of the mystery and the declining probability that they might be solved any time soon