Top 10 MYSTERIOUS Events on Earth

Top 10 Mysterious Events on Earth in history including the unsolved, weirdest, and strangest.

It Begins by Raining Inside) This might be one of the most insane mysteries I’ve heard. While on prison furlough to attend a funeral, Donnie Decker was visiting with friends in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and suddenly went into a trance. Rain began falling from the ceiling of the room. His friend, not knowing what to make of it, called the landlord over to investigate, but the landlord was equally puzzled, especially when rain started falling up from the floor and even sideways! Infected With the Otherworldly…?) That's what may have happened to some doctors who treated Gloria Ramirez whom checked into the emergency room of the Riverside General Hospital in Riverside, California. Upon attempting to stabilize her and treat her symptoms, medical personnel noticed an oily substance accompanied by a garlic-like smell coming from Gloria's body, and an ammonia-like smell coming from a sample of her blood. A medical resident passed out after viewing a beige-colored substance in the blood sample. HULK SMASH….in Russia?) It's 1959 in the Ural Mountains of the Soviet Union and ten hikers embark on a cross-country trip. One returns early because of illness, and nine are later found dead by rescuers. But, there is something odd: even though there are no signs of struggle, what is alarming is the injuries: fractured bones and even a missing tongue, but no external damage. It's Raining Blobs) In the summer of 1994, Oakville, Washington residents were surprised to see something eerily like it falling from their skies. People noticed that the rain that day was. ….um….different … that it came down as clear, gelatinous blobs. Days later, nearly everyone in town was suffering from severe flu-like symptoms, in some cases even lasting for months. Do You Hear the Hum?) If you hear a constant humming noise that you can't explain, you're not alone, it might be "The Hum".
People in Taos, New Mexico have contended with a low frequency humming noise they can't explain, other than to say it sounds like a diesel engine. Variations of the hum have been heard all over the world and have even been mapped. Teleporting in 1593) When someone says the word "teleportation", we often think of Star Trek beaming Captain Kirk to the Enterprise. Rarely do we consider that teleportation happened in the past. In the FAR past. In 1593, Gil Perez was a soldier in Manila guarding the governor's mansion just after said governor had been assassinated. Maybe it was all the excitement around the event. Maybe it was the heat. Massive UFO Follows Plane) The pilots together had more than 30 years of experience and observation. But they are unprepared for what they see next. A pair of lights appear on the horizon and they report it to Anchorage air traffic control. They approached and then closely followed the Japanese plane, and one of the objects was 2 to 3 times the size of Flight 1628. And Suddenly, A Lake!) Suddenly, in the middle of the hot and dry summer of 2014, some local shepherds came upon a lake about 2.5 acres wide and between 30-40 feet deep. Neutron Stars, Black Holes and...Japanese Trees?) What do neutron stars, black holes, and Japanese cedar trees have to do with each other? Fusa Miyake, a cosmic-ray physicist from Nagoya University in Japan, was studying tree ring data to look for evidence of big, cosmic events using carbon dating techniques. He found one. Approximately 775 AD was a big year for tree growth, largely due to a spike in carbon-14 detected in the rings of Japanese cedar trees. Mile-wide UFOs) This is number one for a simple reason. It really, really scares me. In February 2007, a pilot, his passengers, and two radar ground stations spotted and tracked a mile-wide UFO for 55 minutes. The pilot, Ray Bower, who had over 20 years flying experience, observed the yellow, cigar-shaped craft as he was flying over the Channel Islands toward Germany. Bower said he saw brilliant white light coming from it which turned a more yellow hue as he approached it. It had the appearance of a CD disc looked at edge-on. At first he thought it was only about 10 miles away and about the size of a 737, but later he realized it was 40 miles away and about a mile wide.