Top 10 Myths: Orion Mystery (Ancient Art Podcast 36)

Number 9 in our countdown of the Top 10 Ancient Egyptian Myths and Misconceptions, episode 36 of the Ancient Art Podcast exposes the Orion Mystery, or the Orion Correlation Theory, the belief that the Ancient Egyptians were mapping out the heavens on earth. Do the pyramids of Giza correspond to the belt of the constellation Orion? Were hollow shafts in the Great Pyramid of Khufu designed to point to certain celestial bodies? Did generation after generation of pyramid-building Pharaoh follow a grand master plan for placing heaven on earth? Is the pyramid conceived as a stairway to heaven for the deceased king ... a sort of "stargate?" Were the Ancient Egyptians descendants of a much earlier long-dead Atlantean civilization, whose ancient mysteries were preserved in the stones of the pyramids? Get out your tinfoil hats, because we're in for a ride! Visit for the complete Top 10 list. Explore more episodes, image galleries, credits, transcripts, and additional resources at Connect at and

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