[Top 5] Unexplained Phenomena – Alien? UFO? Floating City? Supernatural object?

Our world is full of unexplained phenomena that make many of us ponder: Are we really alone in the universe?

In Edge of Wonder, a show that explores life’s mysteries and our wondrous universe, host Ben Chasteen takes viewers to a world where supernatural phenomena and unexplained mysteries are at the forefront.

In the past few months, UFOs and the conversation revolving around aliens has been a hot topic in mainstream news. With events such as the recent disclosure of the Pentagon’s top secret UFO research unit and Stephen Hawkin’s scientific think tank, Breakthrough Initiatives raising the question if the mysterious object Oumuamua is actually an extraterrestrial spacecraft, many people are searching and looking for answers.

For his first episode, Ben lists the top five unexplained mysteries of 2017.

(0:51)No.5: A Strange Light Phenomenon
(2:06)No.4: Asteroid 'Oumuamua' could be an alien spaceship
(3:17)No.3: The Pentagon’s Top Secret UFO Program
(5:04)No.2: Congressional Candidate says she was abducted by aliens
(6:55)No.1: A Floating City over China

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