Top 7 Unexplained & Bizarre Disappearances of People

A video I created about some people who mysteriously disappeared without a trace. Watch the video to learn more 🙂

It includes: Jimmy Hoffa (disappeared on way to a restaurant in Michigan Hoffa was President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters), Louis Le Prince (French inventor who developed the first motion picture camera and projection system), Flight 19 (disappeared in Bermuda Triangle), Ambrose Bierce (known for ghost stories), Percy Fawcett (British archeologist, went to South Africa, disappeared in Brazil jungle), D.B. Cooper (hijacked a Boeing 727), The Mary Celeste Ghost Ship and missing crew, Joseph Force Crater (New York City), The Lost Colony (and the sign Croatan).

Deep Haze - Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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