Tuned In Events – ‘The Phenomena’ ghosthunt documentary film with A.P.I.S

'The Phenomena' is an exciting film documentary by up-and-coming TV & media director, Michael Doyle. The following video shows the progress of a live ghosthunt, which was conducted at Henrick's Hairdressers in Royston, Hertfordshire. Joining the investigation were Anglia Paranormal Investigation Society (A.P.I.S), who were instrumental in organizing the event. Special thanks goes to Damien O'Dell, the A.P.I.S team and the staff at Henricks

There were no actors, stooges, dodgy special effects or otherwise fraudulent activities within this film - what you see here is what actually happened on the night. Andy Chaplin was the guest Medium for this event and he did not have any prior knowledge regarding the history of the building or any its previous occupiers

A number of very interesting psychic phenomena were recorded during our investigation, including 3 loud audible raps when Andy asked if any Spirits in the vicinity could knock 3 times. This was not faked in any way, there were many firsthand witnesses testament to the legitimacy of this investigation. The raps in fact came from behind the cameraman (Michael Doyle), in an area where noone was standing. Witnesses also reported a small table sign being knocked over twice whilst noone was near it, again seemingly inexplicable as the table sign was very stable and had no reason to fall to the floor

Is psychic phenomena real ?

Judge for yourself - you decide...


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