UFOs | Abduction by Aliens | Shaun Ryder On UFOs | S01 E03 | Free Documentary

UFOs - Abduction and Worship. In this free UFO documentary Shaun Ryder meets British Ufologist Nick Pope who reveals a mysterious UFO sighting that occurred over an R A F base in Cosford, they travel to the National Archives in London to explore the case files. Next he visits members of a spiritual movement who worship extra-terrestrials and attends a meeting at the UFO academy to hear discussion of some puzzling cases. In search of a more academic approach he speaks to Claudio Maccone, the Chair of SETI, a research institute that use cutting edge technology in an attempt to communicate with life in other galaxies. Finally Shaun meets a man from Sutton Coldfield who says he was abducted by aliens in his back garden, and chats
with a Sociologist and a retired clinical Psychologist about the psychological effect of such


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