Ultimate 100% Proof Of Alien Repotiods & Reptilians Lizard People On Ancient Flemish Painting

Art experts always thought this 400 years old oil painting on copper created by famous Flemish artist David Teniers II depicts the ancient legend of Mother of Apollo and Diana Goddess Latona known as Leto turning Lycian peasants into frogs for their inhospitality. However, if you read original Homeric hymn it says that Leto meet inhospitable Frog People and for their inhospitality she made their pound murky and muddy. And what better to fits the description of Frog People then this ancient painting depicting what we know today as Alien Reptilians Beings, Lizard People or Reptiloids. See our channel other historically famous painting that depict aliens, UFO and otherworldly being and unexplained celestial events and don't forget to subscribe because more proof is coming. To Find out more about ancient aliens read this Igor Kryan book Alien Gods: From Book of The Dead to The Bible