Unexplained disappearances, Strange Invisible Entities Missing 411 Connection?

Unexplained disappearances, Strange phenomena, INVISIBLE Preditors Responsible for Missing 411 in National Parks? Mysterious strange invisible ENTITIES may be involved. Shane Sirois explains, I've been seeing some similarities in David Paulides investigations on missing persons, as I do in my Parasite cases. He says he knows water has something to do with all of his cases because all the clusters are around water. This is not a coincidence. Nor are the those people being taken by humans or animals. It's much darker then that. I'd love an opportunity to chat with him because I could shine some light on his work. These entities supposedly appear and disappear, such as a “parallel universe” or “another dimension or space-time continuum.
Guest: Shane Sirois
Host ~ Norene Balovich #paranormalzonetv
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