Unexplained Mars Alien Base Footage. NASA & ESA Probes Filmed Alien Life & Mars Base

Mars when it was closest to Earth in June 2016
NASA Opportunity & Pathfinder & ESA Schiaparelli landed near Mars equator.
Why land 3 probes on same spot if nothing there?
NASA announced that dust storm blocking the view in 2007 and ESA announced that probe was destroyed in October 2016
NASA released 17,000 Images from stationary Pathfinder but only 500 from its moving rover. Isn't it strange?
But a month after "crush" secret ESA got mind blowing footage of Martian bases and alien life
1,400 Pounds (600 KG) Probe was equipped with several solar camera drones like this one
And each drone can deploy two self propelled mini probes similar to this one
And several virtually indestructible camera rovers more complex than shown that can flip, twist, dig and jump
Extremely versatile, they find its way out from the deepest Martian hole or to the highest mountain
Earth tests shown of much simple prototype
Tested in harshest Earth environments
Together different probes, rovers filmed and discovered following
Water of Mars
Martian Waterfalls
Plant, fungi or bacterial growth on Mars
Crab like creature on Mars crater wall
Lizard like creature likely fossilized
Similar to one living in Earth sands
Bunny like creature of unknown origin
Super Grand Canyon on Mars
Several UFOs
Flying over Mars
Including one that launched from Mars surface
Giant 3 mile wide concrete like in-tact alien structure was discovered
That resembles temple of first Egyptian female pharaoh - Hatshepsut
Multiple microscopic crustacean like remains were discovered
Blending in rock worm like creatures were discovered
Yellow mushroom like life forms were discovered
Something described in top secret docs as "bio-organic alien digging probes" were discovered
They hard to spot but watch closely
Some alien worms eggs were delivered on Earth during the previous missions
Only 2 survived according to the records
90% of what I shown you can find on Google Mars, NASA, ESA, Chinese & Russian space agency sites
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