Unexplained Mysteries in the Sky

Strange Unexplained Mysterious Sky and Cloud Phenomena

If you just look up, at times you will witness unexplained anomalies in the sky or hiding behind the clouds. These folks were lucky enough to have their camera handy to capture some of these exceptional phenomena. Are these a natural occurrence? HAARP experiments? UFOs or the work of otherworldly visitors? Cloaked or holographic flying craft? Government/Military testing? We may never know for sure.

First, Very Strange Cloud Anomaly Over Great Barrington, MA, April, 2012. It looks like a precisely cut chunk of a cloud literally rolling out of the sky.

Next, Peculiar Lights Just Behind the Clouds Over Shelbyville, IL, 2015. Perhaps UFO activity using the clouds as cover?

Then, Strange Cloud and/or Light Anomaly Over Biscayne Bay, Southern Florida. Again, could this be UFO activity?

On March, 2011 in Crystal Lake, IL a Dark Orange Glow Flashes and lights up the Sky. No one is quite sure what the source of the light is.

Finally, A Mysterious Lone Cloud or Possibly UFO Hovers over Toronto, Ontario in March of 2014. No one has been able to identify what this mysterious floating object is.

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