Check out these UNEXPLAINED Mysteries Of The Mountains! From strange discoveries to other weird conspiracy theories, this top 10 list of bizarre unsolved mountain mysteries will amaze you!

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10. The Forbidden Mountain
By 1975, the world’s 20 tallest mountains had already been climbed. However, there remains one elusive summit- that of Gangkhar Puensum that lies on the border between Bhutan and China. With an elevation of 24,836 feet, it’s the highest unclimbed mountain in the world, and a place steeped in mystery.

9. Megalithic Stones in the Ural Mountains
The Ural mountains in Russia have been the site of a number of mysterious finds, but perhaps none so strange as a series of megalithic stones that were found in 2014 near Shoria mountain in southern Siberia. Some of these stones are thought to weigh as much as 4,000 tons, and they appear to have been cut with tools to give them flat surfaces and sharp corners… before being stacked 130 feet high.

8. The Ararat Anomaly
Mount Ararat, in the east of modern-day Turkey, is one of the most famous mountains in the world because of its religious significance. A photograph taken in 1949 by a US Air Force reconnaissance plane made this place even more mystical. The mountain is actually a dormant volcano, consisting of two cones known as Greater Ararat and Little Ararat.

7. Black Mountain
Black Mountain, in Queensland, Australia, stands out from the surrounding brush with its ominous looking dark rock, but this place has long been associated with unexplained phenomenon and is feared and avoided by those who live nearby. Whether it’s strange creatures, unexplained lights, or the countless people supposed to have visited but never returned… Black mountain has it all, but is there any truth behind it?

6. Dyatlov Pass
Dyatlov pass, in the northern region of Russia’s Ural mountains, is the site of one of mountaineering’s greatest mysteries. In January of 1959, nine college students were killed under mysterious circumstances, and to this day no-one knows what happened to them. There are several versions of this story, but here is one of them.

5. Gurudongmar Lake
Gurudongmar lake, in India, is one of the highest lakes in the world and is considered sacred by Buddhists, Sikhs, and Hindus. Legend says that the place was blessed by Guru Nanak, the spiritual leader of Sikhism, while he passed by in the 15th century.

4. Kangtega Peak
The Kantega peak is a major summit in the Nepal Himalayas that reaches as high as 22,251 feet… and was first climbed in 1964. At first, it looks like every other peak in the range, but there’s something that’s caught the attention of UFO hunters around the world… the fact that a large portion of the mountain has been blacked out on Google Maps.

3. The Valley of Headless Men
Nahanni national park, in the Mackenzie mountain range of Canada, is as stunning a place as you would expect from the region… but there’s something mysterious about this particular area, which has become known as the valley of headless men. Rather than just being a scary name, it’s earned this moniker because of the number of people who have disappeared nearby and later found without their heads.

2. The Khentii Mountains
The Khentii mountains are a range to the northeast of Mongolia, and are covered by the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected area… which is a 4,740 square mile wildlife preservation area that limits visitors, whether for tourism, hunting, or other reasons.

1. Gyanganj
The Himalayas is a massive and largely unexplored mountain region, and legends from India and Tibet suggest there may still be something incredible to discover… the city of Gyanganj, also known as the city of the immortal beings. It’s said to be in a remote and inaccessible valley in the Himalayas, but one that has so far eluded researchers.

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UNEXPLAINED Mysteries Of The Mountains!