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Unexplained Mysterious Paranormal Ghost Phenomena ~ Mysterious Ghost Lights, Ghost Ball Lightening, Ghost Orb What's inside, Ectoplasm, Ghost of Grief, Soul Groups will be discussed tonight with Louis Charles, Publisher of Ghosts and Angles ~ www.AngelsGhosts.com
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What is a Ghost Light:
Ghost lights, also known as spook lights, earth lights and will-o'-the-wisps, are luminous balls of light seen moving about in nature. Primarily seen outdoors, sightings of ghost lights have been reported all over our world and are likely caused by natural, explainable occurrences. When photographed, they are usually sighted at a greater distance from the viewer because of being outside. A ghost light can be witnessed in various colors, shapes and sizes and are almost always seen at night. Some locations seem to be able to produce ghost light phenomenon more than others, and this has allowed for their study in recent decades. Ghost lights have been reported moving at various speeds. Some ghost lights, such as Will-o'-the-wisps seen over bogs, act
more like fireballs which are likely phosphene or methane gas emissions visible at night. Other types of ghost lights, especially those that are luminous, are electrical discharges visible as glowing balls of plasma.
Ball Lightening:
It skitters across the ground, floats in the air, is cold to the touch, and leaves scorch marks. It's been scientifically explained, or hey, it might be a total hallucination. It's ball lightning!
Ball lightning is the name given to a group of phenomena that have not been completely explained,
or even agreed upon. Of the two words in its name, only the first is shared by all witnesses. According to most eyewitnesses, it glows and is shaped like a ball. Most reports say the balls are orange to beach ball size, but some say they've seen ball lightning the size of a bus. The ball can float, roll and bounce around solid objects, or do both. They're seen indoors or out. Ball lightning has reportedly been cold to the touch, left burn marks in rock, and electrocuted people. It fades away, or explodes and sputters out. Anything goes.
“It's not uncommon for the bereaved to experience feelings or have experiences after their loved one passes that makes them wonder if it was a 'visitation' or are they simply 'going crazy' because of grief symptoms,” “People will report hearing their loved one or sensing their loved one's presence after their death.”Most ghost sightings witnessed during times of grief are positive, comforting experiences. The phenomenon can be found across cultural lines, indicating it is not something isolated to a particular faith. This should be a red flag to researchers that perhaps visits from ghosts are something real. Of course, such experiences might be interpreted differently, dependent upon one's cultural beliefs. No matter which side of the fence you might find yourself on regarding ghost sightings during periods of grief, it should be noted that the experience itself must play an important role in human lives. It is something that is evidently needed in order to help us heal.
Orbs have awed people since being witnessed, usually at night, in the natural environment. Orbs are transparent,balls of light commonly found in photos but can also be seen with the naked eye if light-emitting plasma. These "light balls" appear in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors. They have been captured outdoors, indoors, in churches, schools, businesses, homes, construction sites, burial grounds and more. Videos of orbs are quite common, showing light anomalies moving across the frame. They appear as circular lights, either floating or moving, and sometimes, traveling at a high rate of speed..
What's Inside an Orb?
It is very intriguing that people are finding faces inside of orbs. At first, one might think this to be silly, but some of the orbs we have received with facial features are astounding. Orbs have been captured with both human faces and animal faces in them, as well. If that wasn’t mind blowing enough, people have also shared photos with multiple faces, even crowds of people within the orbs that were photographed. And what’s even more amazing are the orbs we have seen that contain buildings within them! This has led some to believe that orbs may be some sort of time
warp. With orbs being explored even deeper, we’re sure to see some other amazing things.
The term "soul groups" is a phrase used to describe the collection of spirits that are with all people. Each soul, or person, has a soul group of which they are part.
People on the other side of the grave who were incarnated and passed who are trying to reach the ghost; spirit guides who did not incarnate with the ghost and are trying to reach the ghost. Both are trying to make contact to bring the lost soul back from the Earth trauma.