Unexplained Mysteries: Spontaneous human combustion|SHC|Pyrokinesis|REAL CASES|PARANORMAL

Anything But Ordinary with Spooky &Raven
Podcast of our live interactive Talk show aired on April 12th 2016 - when we discuss a viewers request: Unexplained Mysteries - Spontaneous human combustion. Can a human body suddenly burst into flames? We share known reports and banter about the possibilities and or probability of such an event occurring.

Cases discussed : Nicolette Millet, Countess Cornelia Di Bandi, Allen M. Small, Mary Hardy Reeser, Mrs. Olga Worth Stephens, John Irving Bentley, Jeannie Saffin, George Mott, Agnes Phillips, Mrs. Charles Williamson, Susan Motteshead, Debbie Clark , Frank Baker, Kay Fletcher.
We discuss other people’s different theories, ideas on this subject as well as our own and we talk a bit about Pyrokinesis and other randomness.
This Show is for entertainment purposes. Thank you to the viewer for sending in your show topic suggestion. If anyone wants to suggest a show please feel free to send us a msg at one of our sites.
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