Unexplained Mystery Booming Noise Kings (Brooklyn) New York City

This is my video I recorded of a strange unexplained booming noise that comes from the sky at night.
I have heard it, My family have heard it but pays little to no attention to it like other people, but there are a few, including me who wants to know what could be producing this weird noise, it is not local because it can be heard all over NYC, Another YouTube Up loader recorded a video with the same booming noise all the way in the Bronx.
At this point I do not know what it is, but I made this video because I want to find out.

Here are some links to other videos of the same booming noise
from other people who have filmed it.

This one I think is in Queens(New York City)

This is in the Bronx (New York City)

This is another one from someone else who have filmed it in Brooklyn (New York City )