Unexplained Paranormal Beings

There are many creepy creatures that go bump in the night without explanation. Here are 13 unexplained paranormal beings.

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8.Succubus and Incubus

A demon who takes the form of a female and seduces its victims with sex is referred to as a succubus, an incubus is the male counterpart of the demon.

These demons have plagued societies since the beginning of recorded history, and arguably the example comes from Jewish mythology. It talks in great detail about Lilith, the first wife of Adam. She left him and refused to come back to the Garden of Eden.

7. Werewolfs

Human during the day, wolf during a full moon. We have all heard the legends, but the case of the German Werewolf Serial Killer is more fact than fiction.

In 1589, Peter Stumpp confessed to being a werewolf. He was accused of numerous brutal murders. People believed him because during an attack, the creature’s left paw was cut off. The next time Peter showed up in town, he too was missing his left arm.

While tortured, he proclaimed to have been practicing black magic since he was a little child and that the Devil himself had given him a magical belt. Anytime he wore the belt he would turn into a strong, bloodthirsty, wolf-like being.

He confessed to killing 14 children and two pregnant women. One of the kids he killed was his own son… To put it lightly, his execution was as savage as his crimes.

6. Chupacabra

The literal translation of Chupacabra from spanish is “goat-sucker”, and it is a perfect name for these creatures. Their favorite pastime is killing herds of goats and sucking out every last drop of blood.

The first sighting of a Chupacabra was in Puerto Rico, in 1995, it was described as being the size of a small bear and having a row of spikes on it’s back. Later that same year, an attack on over 150 farm animals was blamed on this creature, since then, El Chupacabra has been spotted all around Central and North America.

5. Aqrabuamelu

Translated from Akkadian, Aqrabuamelu means “Scorpion Man”. These creatures predate the building of the Great Pyramids and ancient civilizations believed them to be very real. In the Epic of Gilgamesh scorpion men protect the Sun God from intruders and perhaps the most famous portrayal of such a creature comes from the movie “The Mummy Returns.” In one scene, the heroes are fighting the so called “Scorpion King”

4. Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga is a witch who lives deep in the woods. She is famous in Slavic folktales and there are many reported sightings of her by children and adults alike. She is known to help struggling people in the woods as long as she judges them to have a good spirit.

To this day, children in Eastern European countries are warned about Baba Yaga as a deterrent from wandering too far into forests.

3. Banshees

Banshees are female spirits in Irish mythology described as “Sirens of Death.” These ugly creatures attack people while making a loud, hysterical noise. If you hear them or live long enough to see them face to face, your death is guaranteed.

They are often described as wearing only white clothes and having pale hair that they brush with a silver comb. Banshees lure unsuspecting people with that comb, and whoever picks it up loses their living spirit. Never to be seen again.

2. Draugr

Meaning “Again Walker” in Norse, Draugr are undead creatures that possess superhuman strength and are hideous to look at. The smell surrounding them is extremely bad and keeps most people away from their lair. Draugr usually protect the gravesite of their original human body unless they have unsettled debt.

They will seek revenge on humans who have wronged them and will terrorize and torment them until they die...

1. The Mare

Have you ever wondered how the word “nightmare” came to be ?

Mares are evil spirits who sneak into a home through a keyhole, during the night they jump on people’s chests and cause them to have horrible dreams.... also known as nightMAREs.

It is also believed that the sleep paralysis phenomenon is caused by mares. If you have ever experienced the inability to speak, move or react after you wake up, coupled with terrifying hallucinations , there is a good chance that you have been attacked by such a spirit.