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Unexplained Paranormal Parasitic Entities, Negative Energy. In order to understand a negative haunt and how to deal with it, it helps to understand how it is, more so than to know what it is. There are several components involved in the mechanics of what allows an aggressive attachment. Many believe these entities are haunting the home in which they occupy at the moment, however, in all actuality, they almost always are haunting an individual or several people. I will breakdown the mechanics of what initiates and allows a connection with a Parasitic Entity. I will also explain how to break the connection to disallow the nasty haunt as well as explain why popular techniques work sometimes and fail sometimes.
Host/Owner/Creator - Norene Sampiere Balovich Guest: Shane Sirois

ABOUT: Shane Sirois
Shane Sirois has been helping families and individuals for over 30 years. He has a rare one hundred percent success rate at getting rid of nasty parasitic hauntings. His understanding of the mechanics of what allows a haunt is untouched. He gets called in when investigators, demonologists and clergy fall short in providing relief and he has succeeded everytime. Shane doesn't stop there. He is currently involved in several areas that have UFO sightings, Sasquatch sightings and Shadow People sightings. He is at the center of some of the biggest cases. You can read more about Shane on his website TrueGhost.Com. Come and listen and get a rare glimpse into the area of the paranormal that Shane understands like no other.