Unexplained Scotland: The Bargarran Possession

In tonight's episode we explore demonic possession, the Paisley witch trials and the most evil sewing thread ever created.

Directed By Laura Blyth & Martin R. Shaw
Written by Martin R. Shaw

Presenter: Martin R. Shaw
Christian Shaw: Laura Blyth
John Shaw: Scott Morrison
Devil & Executioner: Emma Gray
Doctor Andrew Brisbane: Colin Strathdee
Priest: James Kentowski
Witches: Jordan Gray, Dan Templeton & Jamie Miller
Ladies: Sarah Garden

Camera and sound - Laura Blyth & Martin R. Shaw
Additional camera and sound - Emma Gray
Effects, props and wardrobe - Laura Blyth, Emma Gray & Martin R. Shaw
Editing - Martin R. Shaw
Addition Material - The Cast

Thumbnail Art by Paul Ayure

Fonts provided by Dafont.com
Sound effects provided by Freesound.org
Music provided by

Produced by Space Cat Productions