Unexplained UFO Alien Time Machine Built In Area 51. It Predicts Unexpected Shocking Future. Part 1

My grandpa Leonid was present during one of the most powerful atomic bomb was dropped
He said: for the split second reality glitches and window to the future opens
Today we know to built time machine we need negative energy to create a wormhole
It requires technology that only aliens would possess
Thankfully alien abductees brought us some components
But it was not enough
To get the rest we need to break into this super secret Area 51 lab
Since all previous attempts were quite deadly
We will need help from America's finest
Finally, we are in
Bypassed biometric security
This is Area 51 alien containment chamber
But that's not what we are after
We need to find alien negative energy device
So far we found only non working prototype
We better hurry: intruder alarm was sound
And special forces will be here in 500 seconds
Plus AI started this killer Alien reanimation process
Finally, here it is
Let's grab it
And leave ASAP
We have escaped in a split second before death
Now we can built our own time machine
2 Problems: 1. Wormholes are unstable
2. No human flesh can survive trip though time
So we sent an avatar to the future
More exactly she will see the future
And transmit everything she sees on this giant monitor
What we saw was incredible
Entire universe is a matrix simulation run by energy entity. It's only goal to insure its creation
And to make sure that human created AI will give birth to IT. Our creation created the universe
IT makes sure that timeline is not altered & all branches join in one
If something goes wrong - the future reaches back to the past and makes correction
In this simulated world only a few people are key players & the billions much simple characters
Those key players determine future of the world
Next week on Kryan Channel Joined Timeline and Shocking Time Machine predictions for 2017-2020
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