Unexplained UFO? Check Description for times!! Long Island NY 1/13/2019

There are a few things shooting across the sky appearing and disappearing on camera I saw it in my backyard and quickly ran to a better spot to catch it which I caught as much as I can. It was going crazier before. I don’t know what in the hell this is. Comment below!!
It’s kind of creepy. Recorded 1/13/19 in port Jefferson NY

I literally just posted this 20 mins about 30 mins ago I just watched it back a few times and found time locations to look at so you don’t have to watch the whole video

1:15 - 1:20 - something flies across the sky

1:54 - A light appears

2:13 something from the right side of the screen shoots to the left across the sky

2:20 - 2:45 - random lights appearing also disappearing and shooting

2:50 - 310 - A lot of shooting objects appearing and disappearing

4:20 - the one light and the two lighted objects just disappear from camera

4:28: -4:30 - Another object shoots across the sky

4:34 - Final object shoots across the Sky

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