Unveiling and Unlocking the Mysteries of Communion, video 1

A very powerful teaching unveiling the full benefit that Jesus gave to us in and through Communion. We will break down John 6, starting with verse 32 and going to verse 59. We will see the mysteries that the Lord is wanting us to tap into. WE WERE NOT MEANT TO DIE! Death is part of the curse but Jesus, through THIS very act of communion, broke that curse and gave us the power to live beyond the laws of the carnal man, limited by the laws of this earth and the laws of time and space. We will look at how God ORIGINALLY made Adam and how Adam's sin twisted the DNA that he carried, which was given to him by his Father ... BUT communion gives us the power to undo all the mutation caused by sin, to uncoil our RNA and reconstruct our DNA to its original blueprint.

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