Voice & Exit: Flourish


Voice & Exit is an event built around a simple idea: human flourishing. The era of coercion is passing away. The era of Cooperation and Connection has just begun.

Song: Virtual Boy - The Future Holds a Beat

Thank you to everyone who granted permission to use imagery of flourishing:

"Snowtime" by Vyacheslav Ivanov- timelapse.ru

"Acro Yoga at 11,000 Feet", Jefe Greenheart: http://wanderlust.com/yoga-festivals/

"Rebirth of Gaea" (butterfly), Jesse Newman: JesseNewman.com

"The Mystery of Flowers", Brian Harris: www.bluefieldarts.com

Select footage from Onnit Labs (Total Human Optimization): www.onnit.com

"The Swimming City", András Gyõrfi - www.seasteading.org

"Surface Detail", Tom Beddard - www.subblue.com

Earth from Space - Courtesy of NASA

"Kamikaze Love", Jefe Greenheart - www.GreenheartCreative.com

Fire Performance, Ciara Blossom, Austin, TX

"Journey of Action: 24 hours in Panama with Kalu Yala, Jimmy Stice - http://www.kaluyala.com

"Geosphere HD", Seeper - www.seeper.com

"Seemove HD", Seeper - www.seeper.com

"Wired Event", Seeper - www.seeper.com

3D printer footage, Ed Apples - www.512atx.com

Vertical Farm, Vincent Callebaut - http://vincent.callebaut.org/

"Explosions in the Sky - Postcard From 1952", Peter Simonite, Annie Gunn - http://peterandannie.com/

"Eunoia" (EEG with Water), Lisa Park- http://thelisapark.com/


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