Waking Hours

2016, Produced Fall 2015

640x480, SD, 23.9 fps, AAC, 4800 Hz
Cast: Isabel Knight, Allison Hrabar
Crew: Rachel Stewart, Nick Barton

Synopsis: A bout of insomnia creates distance between two friends.

Director's Statement:
With Waking Hours, I was primarily interested in experimenting with sound. When you walk down your hallway in the middle of the night, it feels like you’re entering a different aural and physical world — and in this movie I wanted that world to be inhabited by your best friend. How does a relationship change when unexplained and seemingly harmless physical phenomena begins to take over your life? In this film I wanted to relate strange, tangible events with the alienation you can feel —for what seems like no reason — from the people who are closest to you. I wanted to create a small, sour world that you can latch onto amidst the conflicting feelings you can have about relationships.

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