Summary of tonight’s 20-Feb-2019 WorldWatch.TV news:

• ‘Super snow moon’ lights up the skies
• Bangladesh fire – Blaze kills dozens in Dhaka historic district
• Bangladesh slum fire – Nine dead in Chittagong blaze
• India Catholic Cardinal Oswald Gracias ‘failed abuse victims’
• Revelation 13:11 – The lamb horns of the Beast from the earth
• Revelation 17:7 – Mystery of false church explained
• Revelation 17:8 – Beast – the Holy Roman Empire in the abyss
• Revelation 17:10 – Seveneth King – yet to come
• Revelation 16:13 – Unclean spirits – Devil, Beast, False Prophet
• Revelation 16:14 – Spirits of devils – working miracles
• Independent Group – Three MPs quit Tory party to join
• Brexit – Theresa May says ‘time of essence’ for backstop deal
• Prime Minister’s Questions – The key bits and the verdict
• House launches probe of US nuclear plan in Saudi Arabia
• Statue of VJ-day WW2 kiss statue restored after vandalism

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