WATCHERS 3: Fingerprints of the Supernatural

L.A. Marzulli, renown on talk shows and author of “The Cosmic Chess Match” hosts the third installment of the Watchers series.

All over the world, mysterious and unexplained events continue to unfold with little to no explanation by our government or the media. People are seeing multiple suns or hearing strange anomalous sounds. NASA’s SOHO images seem to be revealing unknown objects around the sun. Planet X / Nibiru — could there be large unseen forces at work affecting our solar system?

Then there’s the Shroud of Turin, which may be the most probed, enigmatic artifact on the planet. L.A. talks with two of the premiere experts, the Right Honorable Barrie Schwortz whose photographs of the Shroud are iconic, and Dame Isabel Piczek, muralist and particle physicist.

With the unprecedented Arab Spring, how does the ongoing unrest in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Jordan affect Israel? All this started during the production of Watchers 3 in 2011.

Later, the world experts in the Torah Codes explain how science and an understanding of ancient Hebrew are both required to get the best results. These initial interviews were the forerunner of Richard Shaw’s film on the Torah Codes, also available on Vimeo.

We show updates with Dr. Roger Leir and the technology in “Alien Implants.” The line-up of experts is impressive. Get caught up with the entire series by continuing with WATCHERS 3, FINGERPRINTS OF THE SUPERNATURAL.

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