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Hey everybody! What’s up!? Welcome back to The Supreme! I’m your host Matty Willz, and before we get started I have a quick question for you. How much stuff do you think has gotten lost to our vast oceans? Also, how many undiscovered animals do you think are down there? Well - hopefully we can answer some of those questions with today’s title - What They Discovered in the Ocean Will Leave You Speechless! Want to become part of the Supreme Team? Make sure to subscribe down below with notifications ON so you don’t miss anything we post each day! Let’s get rollin!

10 Mysterious Pattern on the Sea Floor

So before we get started don’t forget the easiest way to join in on the action is by leaving a comment! Ok so in early 2012 a very unique sighting was made in the Pacific Ocean, near Japan. This sighting here – what almost looks like the mysterious crop circles that we’ve talked about here before on The Supreme. Anyway, no one knew how this underwater crop circle was formed, until further investigation determined that this unique circle wasn’t formed by aliens – as some had suggested – but by a tiny male pufferfish. Yeah, a fish that isn’t longer than just a few inches. Anyway, naturally the next question would be why would this little guy spend all day and night carving out this unique design? Well, for a girl, of course. Researches say that female pufferfish is attracted to the ridges in the sand, and the two would mate and lay eggs in the middle of the circle. The more circles carved out by one male pufferfish, the more attracted the female would be.

9 Giant Oarfish

Ok, moving right along. Next up today’s list of mysterious things found in the ocean is this guy – a giant oarfish. Not only is this the longest bony fish – that we know of – in any of the waters of earth. I mean just look at this photo of one being held by over a dozen people! Now, not a whole lot is known about these guys, probably because they typically live at depth over 3000 feet below sea level! Now back in 2013 two dead oarfish washed onto the shore in California. This was concerning for scientists because there seemed to be no obvious cause of death. Also, the giant oarfish has been known to wash ashore before earthquakes as well – which is a whole other mystery itself. Lastly, the oceans on earth are so vast that animal experts don’t even know how many species of this fish even exist, so, if you know or have heard about any others don’t forget to let us know about it before today’s video is over!

8 The Silfra Crack

Up next on today’s list is not an animal, but we definitely will get back to those in a little bit. The Silfra Crack is an underwater area that represents where the North American and Eurasian continent plates are supposed to meet, the only problem is that these two plates are continuously separating at a rate close to 2 cm a year. One cool thing about the Silfra Crack, or rift, is that the water here is crystal clear! The reason for that is the water is super cold, and there’s underground lava that helps clear it up. Also, the Icelandic glaciers attribute to this super see-through water as well. So while this area is popular for it’s ability to present divers with the unique chance to lay hands on two separate continents at one time – the Silfra crack is indeed one mysterious underwater place!

7 Underwater Train Graveyard

Up next we travel out to just off the coast of New Jersey, where archaeologists discovered a vast number of old trains that date all the way back to the mid-1800s. These steam locomotives were discovered by a guy named Paul Hepler, and to this day no one knows why or how these large vehicles ended up down there in the first place. All of the wooden areas of the train have been eroded away over the years, and you can see the that most of the remaining areas have been overtaken by all types of different aquatic lifeforms!

6 New Snailfish
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