WHAT’S THE PROBLEM? – A Documentary by Jr.canest


“WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?” It’s a short documentary by Jr.canest (me), it was my final project for Vancouver Film School, I decided to explore a whole new area that I always wanted to explore; Documentaries. So after working a lot in front of the computer creating mostly motion graphics I thought it was a great opportunity to explore this area of film-making.

I’ve been always interested in people’s different opinions and point of views, especially what we as human beings think about our little world and what better question than ask people what they think the problem in the world is and not just that but also, if they gave me an answer, ask them if they have a solution for that problem or if they have been doing something about it and that is what this documentary is about. The objective was to show people’s different point of views and put the question out there to people think about and maybe start doing something.

During the process I learned a lot, I used my friend’s camera, the audio was not good but I had to work with it, I interviewed more than 50 people around Vancouver (and surroundings in BC, Canada) and Seattle, WA (USA), some people refused to speak in front of the camera but they talked to me anyways… I was surprised that almost every single one of the people that I approached had something to say about the subject, another interesting fact is that our point of view of the problem in the world is (in most cases) defined by our environment, the people around us, our social status, etc… is this the way it should be? Or maybe that is another problem, we don’t think outside our reflective and selfish bubble.

The project was finished on November 09.

Thanks for all the people that helped for the project and especially all those were in front of the camera and they were willing to be part of the project.


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