While Going Down Into The Church Basement They Encountered “Something”

While going down into the church basement they encountered "something". This person encountered something strange while in a church basement.

This person had a strange encounter. They said the following " For context and to give an image of it, the basement in this story used to be a fallout shelter and had many old things just laying around. I was in the basement of my church. I was assisting a member of the clergy at the time, for example I would help out with the procession and service. I was putting away my robes when I heard coughing. It was loud and it sounded like someone was in trouble and needed assistance. Then there was this rattling noise, and the sound of metal stuff hitting the floor. The strange noises were coming from from the bathroom across the hall. The neighborhood had a history of break ins and problems. One time my mom's car got broken in to as well so I thought it could have been someone getitng up to no good. Being young and naive I thought I would try and help. I went outside the closet room and called out. But there was no response, just more banging and coughing.

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