Why is the Medical community so confused about Lyme Disease Dr. Andrew Litchy, ND explains

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Dr. Andrew Litchy, ND specializes in Chronic Lyme Disease, Integrative Cancer Care, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Botanical Medicine. In addition to his clinical practice at the Neighborhood Naturopathic in Edina, Minnesota, he also teaches at the University of Minnesota. Read more about Dr. Andrew Litchy at https://trailheadhealth.com/neighbohood-naturopathic/andrew-litchy

So Dr. Litchy, why is the medical community so confused about Lyme disease? Why is it so complicated?

Well, it is very complicated right now and currently the medical community is very divided, or at least very concerned about even the existence of chronic Lyme. So there's a lot of reasons for this.

Number one, this is one of the first bacterial infections we've encountered that is not always eradicated with one to two meds of very intensive antibiotics. It's not acting like other infectious disease we've seen before.

Two, testing is complicated. Testing is not truly diagnostic and a lot of false negatives can happen with this, which can be confusing to clinicians.

Another reason which is a little troubling is people with chronic Lyme may have psychiatric comorbidities. They have pain and symptoms that are not explainable by lab tests and historically for forever, people with unexplained symptoms and possible psychiatric comorbidities are not listened to, and put into a category. You do have problems with their psychiatric or somatization issues. But there's other illnesses where this can happen as well and Lyme is one of them.

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