Winchester House

Winchester House
"Winchester Mystery House" audiovisual work.

From a story and with voice by Nina Maroccolo
Music by Orchestra Esteh (composed by Vinz Notaro, noise guitar by Egon Viqve
Video-Art by Pinina Podestà

The story is taken from novel "Malestremo" di Nina Maroccolo

A goal to deliver.
There – in the clump of shouting there is a body.
A woman on the earth, humus of the earth is this vital bloodless house of phosphor.
I wanted to end myself in the clattering of a smith: in the hair, in the sound, in the treading of a horse. I closed myself up instead within the walls of a home, away from the fields where humans graze. I tried to cement threads flowers gold, concrete, with the grass, over there – where the art of telling is already pale, ruminating in that solemn walk for sanctifying itself as tearless burial.
Here there are illiterate chasms – unappeased to that kind of lovingly astonishment, which is needed for marking horsehoofs with eternal Aramaic characters; here, who would not belong anymore to up above, could rise again. Building up new houses, new utopias.
I would quit getting related with hoards of mice, horses, metaphors. Even with Aramaic.
I understood Kafka. I understood that there was no difference between the coarse family of beetles and the beginning of my language…
I don’t know myself what I’ve written, but I know well why I’ve written it!
Here below of up above. Like me.
“One morning, I woke up from troubled dreams, I found myself transformed in my bed…”
Like you, melancholic Gregor Samsa.
Like you, old Sarah “House”, and the ancient Winchester held in the labyrinth of your hand. Anna Costalonga :translation.

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